All the canvas artwork you see for sale on this website is totally handpainted by one of our highly-skilled artists, starting from a blank canvas. We do not stockpile any paintings that sit in corners gathering dust and waiting to be bought. Everything is made fresh to order, individually, which makes each and every one of our paintings unique.

When the canvas arrives at your door it will still have the fairly strong smell of oils (don't worry - this does wear off !) so you will know that has been freshly painted.

Our paintings are created by incredibly-skilled artists using the the finest oil paints on high quality and very durable canvas. Many hours go into the production of a painting on canvas and we don't cut any corners.

Despite the extremely high quality of every one of our canvas artworks, you will appreciate we don't charge silly prices - our handpainted canvases are within reach of every budget. We at Canvas Art Paintings believe that art should not be the preserve of the very wealthy - it should be affordable to all.  With prices beginning at just £59, we think we have achieved that objective.


When you buy a painting from us you have two options:

Firstly, you can choose to have it sent to you unframed. We will paint the canvas and as soon as it has dried out sufficiently we will roll it up and pack it into a tube. Once you receive it you can then take it to your local framing shop and have the canvas stretched and framed. The advantage of this option is that (apart from obviously being less expensive) you can have the painting mounted in any style of frame you choose. Alternatively, you can frame the canvas yourself - see further down the page.

If you decide that you want your canvas stretch-framed and gallery-wrapped (this is the style that we offer in the second option below) then please note that we always paint an extra edge around the canvas to allow for the painting to "wrap" around the frame at the sides. So, for example, if you order a painting that is 50cm x 50cm we will paint the image this size and also paint an extra 7cm border (to match the image) so that when it is on your wall the front will be 50cm x 50cm and there will painted edges to match.

When we send a rolled canvas we place it in a very tough plastic tube for total security. Nothing can damage it!

Alternatively, you can select the option to have your painting professionally stretched and framed by us. The box frame sits behind the stretched canvas, which is wrapped around the sides and stapled at the rear. All of our frames are 30mm thick and as above the edges are painted to match the image on the front of the canvas, which is attached neatly at the back. The appearance of the "gallery-wrap" style can be seen in the image opposite.

When we send a framed painting to you, please be assured that it will be very well-packaged to ensure that no damage occurs to it in transit. We use multi-layer packaging and fasten corner protectors as precautionary measures. We also attach hanging brackets to the inside of the frame so that as soon as you receive your painting all you need to do is unpack it and hang it on your wall - it is as easy as that!


Stretching a canvas around a wooden frame is not as difficult as you might think. There are in fact many guides on the Internet to show you how to do this. The link below is a video guide showing how to stretch a canvas, step-by-step




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